Greet everyone with a dinner kit.

Hosting a lot of people with little room to spare gets easier with a bit of preparation. Like a hook for each guest with a hanger and pre-packed dinner necessities. It may be a crowded gathering, but there’s still room for a personal touch.

Shared space, shared mindset

Let a gift in the form of a personal dinner kit be a light-hearted indication of a buffet and open seating. Also, there’s nothing like a goody bag to make a get-together get off to a good start.

IKEA Ideas - Host a feast for overnight guests.

Let everyone know their place

Designating a spot for every guest to use as their own – a corner of a room, or simply a hook to hang stuff – frees up space and keeps things in check.

A small table fit for big dinner plans

With a self-serve buffet and free seating, a small surface goes a long way. Also, you don’t have to worry about the setting and seating of a big table. A pair of kitchen islands on wheels holds food for many, and can easily be moved around for access or hideaway.

“Don’t get stuck in thinking that your home is too small to hold a big family celebration. It’s a plus! Prepare in advance to make things flow smoothly, and use the limited space to create a close, cosy feeling.“

Easy to prepare, serve and clean up!

Glass jars are ideal for a buffet or meal that is prepared in advance. The work around serving and cleaning up is minimised. Even better, they create an appetising display of virtually all food.

Save the sweetest part for last.

Once everyone has had their fill, it’s time to turn the dining room back to a living room. Which in this case is as easy as pie. Just push the buffet and islands out of the way and give yourself and your guests a sweet reward.

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