Create a natural screen.

Mix plant stands and hanging planters to create a wall of greenery. Use as an alternative to artwork to decorate a whole wall, or place in front of a window to blur the line between outdoors and in.

IKEA İyi Fikirler - Ev ziyareti: Bir uzmandan bitki tasarımı fikirleri

Fill surprising spaces.

Use potted plants to bring empty spaces to life with colour and texture. Miriam keeps a plant inside her KVISTBRO storage table, with colourful leaves that tie in with the rug underneath.

Reinvent your storage.

Try transforming everyday storage into a plant display unit. Miriam placed miniature cacti and succulents in the pockets of a hanging shoe organiser to create this hanging garden.

Look around your home for anything that could be used to hold plants. Placing a plant inside an unused candle holder or lantern is an easy way to transform a single pot plant into a display.

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