Beautifully organized order can make work flow better, so look at the tools you need to do your work then mix and match your storage to them. Think visually; perfect, sterile environments might not be the best for creative pursuits!

Show off your work Seeing the fruits of your labour not only makes it easy to keep track of what you’ve done – and what remains to be done – it is a motivating boost. Find ways to celebrate your work in the space where you create it!

IKEA Ideas - Make room for a creative hobby

Be comfortable Take advantage of having a creative space where you live – as well the essentials, like good lighting and an ergonomic work area, add some home comforts.

IKEA Ideas - Make room for a creative hobby

Do what works for you. "The attic room used to be my bedroom. It gets lots of natural light, which is great for working but not for falling asleep, so I changed things. Now, I can happily spend hours up here doing macramé," says Aysu. "It’s so calm, with a place for my tools, and plants for a relaxed energy."

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