Home visit: Ideas from two colourful kids’ rooms


There are no rules for using color in kids’ rooms. Who says pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Take a look at these two rooms and use them as a starting point to help you and your child design a bedroom that’s as unique as they are...

IKEA Ideas - Ideas from two colourful kids’ rooms

Room to grow and feel confident

Give children room to grow in both an emotional and practical sense. "We never saw Elle (6) as a pastels girl – that’s showing through as she experiments with clothes and art. Red suits her strong personality," says Pia. Elle’s bed is extendable so it grows with her. And textiles like her bedding and rug are an easy, affordable way to update her room when she wants a new, more grown-up style.

Room for the important things.

Let hobbies inspire the way a child’s room takes shape – Liam (9) likes to make sure his dressing-up costumes and LEGO bricks are stored in their own place. "Liam is proud of his modern and vintage furniture. The grey lockers belonged to his grand dad in the fire service. As for the color, green reflects Liam’s calmness," says Pia.

Room to change

“Artık çocuklar kendi odalarında daha fazla zaman geçiriyorlar, böylece odalarının nasıl göründüğüne önem veriyorlar. Elle henüz okula başladı ve odasını büyük bir kızın odası gibi tasarlamak için can atıyor. Fakat ikisinin de bir çalışma masası yok çünkü ödevlerini aşağı katta yapmayı tercih ediyorlar. Bu da onlara oynamak için ekstra alan kazandırıyor,” diyor Pia.