IKEA Ideas - A cleverly planned small urban space

Embrace flexible furnishings.

Aiko transforms her living space into a dining room with the help of flexible pieces. The coffee table extends and can be raised to dining height, while the sofa is high enough to sit on to eat, and neat stacking chairs accommodate extra diners.

IKEA Ideas - A cleverly planned small urban space

Smart space-planning

Opposite the sofa, Aiko has chosen closed storage – wooden cabinets painted matte black. The living area leads into a 90cm wide, restaurant-inspired kitchen, where space is maximized with under stair and open storage.

A place for everything

Light colors create a spacious feel in the sleeping gallery. The stack of open wooden storage boxes keeps things perfectly organized. A low area under the bathroom is utilized as additional storage space for clothes, with a wardrobe positioned next to it.

A small sanctuary with party potential

Aiko lives in a 25 m2 apartment where she has managed to fit a living room, dining area, balcony, kitchen and bathroom, with a bedroom in the gallery. Despite its size and multiple functions, it still feels homely and spacious – somewhere to both relax and entertain friends.

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