Guest room? Office? Relaxation zone? Yes, yes, and yes.


Our lives have so many needs, but we only have so many rooms at home to satisfy them. So if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, give it multiple functions.

IKEA Ideas - Guest room? Office? Relaxation zone? Yes, yes, and yes.

Hand your extra room over to your visitors when they arrive, and know they’ll have a nice quiet space all their own. Turn the sofa bed into a bed, make it up with bed linens, and move the coffee table into bedside table mode. Make use of a sloped ceiling by hanging a minimalist rod from stylish leather straps to create a place to hang clothes, and add some hooks for extra storage space.

It’s far too easy for a spare room to quickly become a dumping ground for all of your random possessions. But if you don’t have a need for a full-time home office (or guest room or relaxation zone), the key is to create a space that easily adapts from one function to the next. Our space makes especially good use of its sloped ceiling, but you could apply our tips to a room of any shape.

Though you might not have the need for an entire dedicated home office, you can surely benefit from an area set up to pay bills or do paperwork. Save space by placing a small desk directly behind the sofa, and keep it clutter-free by keeping most of your necessities in a closed cabinet. When the desk isn’t in use and you’d rather be lounging on the sofa, swivel the reading lamp around for some more direct light for reading.

IKEA Ideas - Guest room? Office? Relaxation zone? Yes, yes, and yes.

Having a spot designated for your creative activities has a way of motivating you and making it easier to tap into your passions. For the avid painter, all you need is an easel (that can simply be hung on the wall when it’s not in use), a cart for supplies, and a place to dry and display your work.

When all you want to do is chill out, head to your quiet space for a bit of privacy. A comfy sofa to stretch out on with a cup of coffee is key, especially when it’s loaded up with lots of pillows and soft throws. A personal library filled with your favorite books can take you worlds away, while some zen-like decorations and soft music can bring you right back to your center.