Grow your own indoor garden.


"With more of us living in cities, not everyone has their own outside space or time to tend to a garden," says stylist Carl Braganza. "Indoor options like these three bring the same benefits with less effort."

"An indoor garden is a self-contained one – make it as small or large as your space, capabilities and desire allow."

IKEA Ideas - Grow your own indoor garden.

Bathroom ladder display

Adding plants in the bathroom brings an instant sanctuary feel. Ladders don’t take up much space, so why not create more impact with two? Spray-painting one in a vibrant colour can bring real drama to a white scheme.

Choose plants that thrive in a steamy environment and play with different textures, leaf shapes or trailing plants, plus a few flowers to break up the green. Go for pots in a mixture of sizes and shapes, but stick to one or two colors to keep the look harmonious. Mix in towels, beautiful soaps, even a picture or two, things that will be lovely to look at while you soak.

"Growing and keeping plants alive creates an everyday sense of achievement and of staying connected to nature."

A table terrarium

"You might think you have no space for an indoor garden but all you need is part of a table. Cacti and succulents are easy to look after, so they’re great if you don’t have much time or are often away. A collection of 'cactus-scapes' creates drama, so have fun playing with different styles."

To make the sand garden:

1. Line the bottom of a glass container with some fine gravel. Black creates a nice solid base and add a piece of charcoal to absorb excess water.
2. Pot your cacti in a separate, smaller container using a mix of soil and sand, making sure you use protective gloves to handle them, and place it inside the glass one.
3. Layer different colors of sand around the outside. Finally, use a spoon to scoop the sand right up to the cacti and a soft, dry, paintbrush to clean them.

To make the gravel desert garden:

1. To make the gravel desert garden
2. Add soil and line the sides with more gravel.
3. Finally, plant your succulents and top with more stones.