Get organised with a smart show-and-hide closet


Ever dream of waking up to find your favorite outfit ready and waiting, without having to rummage through piles of clothes? Let us show you how easily you can create an organised wardrobe with both open and closed storage.

IKEA Ideas - Akıllı, açık ve kapalı dolap sistemi

Everyday basics.

Keep foldable pieces that you want out of sight, such as underwear and pyjamas, in handy lit drawers so you can tell the difference between those blacks and blues. Less delicate clothing, such as your favorite denim, can be hung on practical hooks (this will also air out your jeans between uses). Avoid overcrowding by tucking away your winter garb in boxes when it’s hot outside, and storing torn or unused garments up high until they are taken for recycling.

Show and hide.

Even when you choose an open system, you need some closed door storage for things like sportswear, jumpers and t-shirts. Separate your exercise clothes by folding and placing them on shelves in a cabinet. Use knobs to hang things you’re going to reuse, or want to be able to access quickly, such as today’s outfit. (Your beautiful fedoras deserve some display space, too.) Keep finishing touches such as pocket squares, belts, bow ties and cufflinks visible and tidy in a smart cutlery tray.

Hanging delicates.

We used a customisable storage unit to create a reach-in solution that allows you to see everything at a glance and choose the perfect getup for every occasion. Separates are hung on one side of the closet, with shoes and trousers on the bottom and shirts and jackets on top, so you can plan your outfit from head to toe. Mix and match different pieces and create your own unique look in seconds.