Gather the family for fun and games

More versatile than a coffee table, less food-oriented than your island in the kitchen. It’s also higher than a normal table, making it more accessible and fluid to gather family and friends around. Play board games, do homework – and set up that puppet show.

For added value, add a curtain

Put a curtain on your island, and suddenly children will have a stage ready for playful performances.

A welcome organiser

The island can serve as a clever room divider in an open-plan home. Since even if you don’t have a traditional hallway, the needs are similar. You want a space that’s both welcoming and organised. Say hello to your new logistics hub.

IKEA Ideas - Get creative with your kitchen island

Plan for a clean getaway

The area by your front door can’t be too organised. After all, smooth entries and exits are a need we all share. The island makes it easy to tailor your departure – and still leaves room for more playful acitivities.

An island of instant well-being

Even if your kitchen island stays in the kitchen, it can be used in untraditional ways. Make a hub for the activities that put you most at ease. Whether you use it to prepare your best cup of tea or lean on it when leafing through a good read, this is the place to go for a break from everyday musts.

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