Fresh and artsy dorm room ideas


Think of your room like a blank canvas. Make it show who you are and what you love (without painting the walls). Check out how we added artistic touches and clever organisation to this dorm room.

Choose colorful or patterned textiles for instant pop. Make your single bed more comfy by adding a fitted sheet and lots of cushions for ‘sofa mode’ or extending the base for ‘double bed mode.’ Create a floor-friendly work surface with a table top and castors. To hang up art, go for removable like washi tape and curtain clips. Use your desk chair as a bedside table.

Adapt your desk to your needs and routines. We moved it by the window with curtains for privacy that still let in light. We used the desk chair elsewhere, and brought in a standing support that’s good for posture. The desk works well for spreading out—and keeping paint supplies within easy reach in a clear box.

IKEA Ideas - Fresh and artsy dorm room ideas
IKEA Ideas - Fresh and artsy dorm room ideas

Even if you love your stuff, you probably don’t always love looking at it. Find a fun metre fabric and hang it on hooks to conceal what’s on your shelves. For a no-sew method, put thick tape on the fabric and make thin cuts for the holes.

If you’re bringing in furniture, it better multitask. We added this clothes rack because it’s A. on castors, B. height adjustable, C. got a rack on it and D. ready for ingenuity. You can store clothes and whatever else in pocketed hanging organisers and clipped hangers. Throw in a basket or boxes for even more personal, practical storage.

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