Instant hooks behind the door

Tired of clothes piling up on chairs? This classic hanger has saved countless rooms from clutter. Simply hook it over the door, and you have six sturdy hooks for clothes, towels, bathrobes and bags.

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Smart stow-away table with storage

If you’re stuck for space, this practical table is an ideal choice. It both offers smart storage inside – and thanks to its castors, it easily stows away under your sofa or bed to save precious floor space.

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Room for more at the head of the bed

A gap between the wall and the head of the bed leaves room for a row of storage baskets, almost hidden out of sight. With shelves above, there is even more convenient storage space and no need for a bedside table.

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How to grow a vertical garden

A memo board can be used in lots of different ways – even for bringing a little more green wellbeing into your home. Stick it in a window to get a great place for hanging plants and cultivating seedlings.

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Organisers make a storage treasure chest

A bench with storage under the seat is both comfortable and practical in most rooms. Even more so with organisers inside. These are lined with a fabric made from recycled polyester for gentle storage of your belongings.

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