Festive decorating with kids


This winter, get children involved in making your home sparkle! For Lilly and her daughters, decorating together is a yearly tradition. “It makes this time of year feel special,” says Lilly. She shares her ideas.

"Trying out new ideas is part of the fun. From making wrapping paper and cards to hanging ornaments - anything goes."

IKEA Ideas - Festive decorating with kids

At their fingertips

Lilly puts all the craft supplies within easy reach for Emma (six) and Frieda (three). "They’re free in what they make and how," she says. "Creativity needs mess!"

Dress your windows.

Try combining homemade decorations with seasonal greenery and fairy lights for extra twinkle.

IKEA Ideas - Festive decorating with kids

"The girls are proud that they’ve made unique decorations and I’m proud of their creations."

Bake some seasonal shapes.

Make salt dough from 4.9oz flour, 4.9oz salt and ¾ cup water, cut into shapes and put in the oven. "It’s great because you can re-use it," says Lilly. "It’s nice for the girls to see what they made the year before."

IKEA Ideas - Festive decorating with kids