Seek out a spot, set up a camp

Once you’ve decided on a place to meet up at, turning it into a party venue takes little effort. Each group of guests bring their share of seating, decorations and food, and suddenly you have a celebration at hand.

All the food and drink you can carry

With a bit of prepping, there’s little more than transportation left. Keep food containers close together to preserve the temperature from the fridge for longer. For delicate foods, serve standing on ice packs.

A surprisingly picnic-friendly menu

A late-summer happening for Scandinavians is the yearly crayfish party. Served pre-cooked and chilled with few accompaniments, they make an ideal choice for a bring-along meal anywhere.

A party on the side for the VIPs

While grown-ups tend to enjoy lengthy dinners, not everyone does. To keep young guests happy, it may be useful to bring along a wider selection of activities and company than their parents can offer.

Cosiness stays in, unwanted guests out

Nightfall may also attract less desirable crowds. Hang a mosquito net to keep them out. Add some mood lighting, and your bubble of cosy comfort will be complete.

Staying warm into the night

The early evening may be pleasantly mild, but with a long session comes a likely temperature drop. With some warming textiles waiting in the wings, you can simply relax and look forward to a long night.

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