IKEA Ideas - Home visit: Easy ways to get a good start each day

Pick out tomorrow’s clothes

Add a clothes rail to your mix of clothes storage and use it to hang your outfits for the coming week. This simple change means you can swap the time-stealing habit of trying to decide what to wear each morning for a relaxed, Sunday-night style session where you have fun deciding your looks for the week ahead. If space is limited, put up a hook and pick tomorrow’s outfit before hopping into bed.

Use an alarm clock

Call time on using your mobile to wake you up. Instead, switch to an alarm clock and make your bedroom a phone-free zone! Recent research into the things which cause us stress points to a conflict between the convenience of being always connected and a loss of focus and privacy. Give yourself the chance to properly recharge when you go to bed – switch off!

Store things where you need them

Small changes in the way you organise what you use in the morning can make a big difference. For Katty, it was the simple switch of putting a chest of HEMNES drawers downstairs, by the room where the kids eat breakfast. “It houses all the boys’ clothes – one side for Lucas, one for Milo. And because they get dressed down here, it makes it easy – no running up and down stairs to get things.”

Be smart on the inside

There’s a US statistic that says we spend six months of our lives looking for things. It makes the idea of a place for everything more appealing! Left untamed, drawers can become black holes, filled with bits we don’t quite know where to put. Take a tip from Katty and bring order to the space inside drawers with inserts, small boxes and dividers that make it easy to store (and find) random stuff.

Put things within easy reach

Don’t underestimate the positive impact of hooks. Hung in the right place, a hook becomes a great organising tool. Fixed to the back of a bedroom door, it keeps clothes off the floor; in a hallway, it will keep everything, from hats to umbrellas, in order. And in Katty’s bathroom, two hooks positioned at heights that are perfect for the boys mean they each have a place to keep their bath toys.

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