Dream spot on the beach.


Learn how to create a beach hangout for entertaining, meditating, or just chilling.

IKEA Ideas - Dream spot on the beach

Make entertaining easy with a beach retreat built with poles and string. Use seating that is easy to shuffle, creating the best layout for your needs. Serve light meals on tray tables (also a handy place to put your stuff). A shaded shelving unit with wooden crates keeps food and drinks cool while up and away from sand.

A big linen curtain gives you some privacy. Put some stones at the bottom to keep the curtain from blowing in the wind. Roll out a sun lounger pad (which is easy to roll back up once you’re done) and doze off in the shade.

Move the table over to keep your stuff in easy reach and out of the sand while you’re relaxing. Sunbathe on plush sun pads or beach towels in the sand. Hang up and dry your wet and sandy towels on the frame (this will also give you an extra dose of shade). Unexpected guests? Offer them a lightweight stackable plastic chair and a comfy cushion.