DIY bedroom update: patchwork headboard


 "I love this idea for using up fabric remnants, old clothes or creating something from scratch," says stylist Carl Braganza. "It’s a fun way to create a unique backdrop to your bed at low cost."

"This idea gives you a lot of flexibility. It can look totally different just by spinning it 180 degrees. Or you could hang a different headboard for each season."


IKEA IDEAS - DIY bedroom update: patchwork headboard

"For this idea, I took inspiration from the bedlinen. It makes an easy place to start if you want to create a harmonious look for the whole room."

"Sticking to similar shapes keeps the whole from looking too busy, though don’t be afraid to have fun – the heart here is lovely and playful."

IKEA Ideas - Kırkyama yatak başlığı

"Who says you have to buy a new bed for your bed to feel new?"

Carl Braganza, stylist