Creative DIY Ideas: Decorate plant pots


"With just a little paint, you can easily transform ordinary plant pots into colorful containers to use anywhere at home." says stylist Sam Grigg.

IKEA Ideas - Decorate plant pots
IKEA Ideas - Decorate plant pots

"Pour some paint into a pot, then water it down to make it thinner. It’s easier to start with the paint quite thick and make it runnier as you need to – that way, the drips run to different levels."

"Paint the inside of the pot first. Then, start experimenting! Hold the brush on the edge and pull it back so the paint starts dripping down. You can just do a few drips or really go for it."

"Leave the painted pots to dry overnight. You could easily make several in different colours in just one afternoon – they’re great for stationery and utensils, or as gifts."

IKEA Ideas - Decorate plant pots

“Remember, it doesn’t have to look exact or perfect. Plus, if you make a mistake, just wash it off and start again.”