“With a bottleneck like the hallway, it’s all about making it simple to pass quick. Aim at having things easy to see and reach when leaving, clear choices upon return, and room for different types of storage. Then you’re good to go.”

A system that grows with the family

With children, what to keep in and out of reach changes over time. A pegboard wall not only allows you to organise coming-and-going necessities – but adjust them to everyone’s current height.

Easy sorting for quick getaways

When things (and people) of all sizes share the same space, keep decisions easy. Like fitting a diagonal towel rack that holds everything from umbrellas to kites in check, and a crate to swallow toys fast (and can be rolled away for playtime).

Everybody’s and your own

Specific storage is good in some areas, but can be a time thief elsewhere. Go for a clothes rack that’s everybody’s domain and personal compartments as complement.

The all-weather hall

If rain is a recurring theme where you live, your hallway can assist you. Hang weather accessories close and allow clothes to hang as freely as possible for quick drying.

IKEA Ideas - create flow for all in your hallway

Prepared for wet conditions

For extra wall protection – especially if you often deal with wet items – use a water-resistant wall panel for the most exposed areas. Stylish, easy to fasten and ready for all weathers.

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