Create a home office in your kitchen.


Dana’s house in Ohio doesn’t have a spare room she can use as a home office, so she has incorporated one in her kitchen instead. "It just goes to show you don’t need an entire room for everything," says Dana. "A creative use of space can always give you that little bit extra."

IKEA Ideas - Create a home office in your kitchen.
IKEA Ideas - Create a home office in your kitchen.

Organise your cabinets.

If your home office is shared, labeled storage makes it easy for everyone to see what goes where. "My glass-fronted cabinets hold stuff for the whole family, from recipe cards, to crafting materials and writing paper," says Dana. "I like to make sure everything has its place so that everyone knows what goes where."

Declutter your worktop.

Find a system that makes it easy to organise everyday items. "IKEA magazine files and desk organisers help me keep my paperwork, bills and mail in check," says Dana. "When the kids get home from school each day, paperwork and mail is tackled immediately. Otherwise, the desk would be consumed in clutter."


Make it child-friendly.

"My kids love to draw and paint here so it’s important for them to have a place for their things," says Dana. "Most of their art supplies are kept in the base cabinets and drawers below the worktop so they’re at an accessible height. On the desk, a small plant pot is the perfect place to keep their crayons."

IKEA Ideas - Create a home office in your kitchen.

“Our kitchen is the hub of our home, so having a workstation in there makes it an all-purpose room. It’s great that I can work on my blog or catch up on emails while I’m cooking.”