A long lasting gift with scented candles

If you are looking for a cosy and remindful gift, our scented candles are just for you. With cinnamon, cardamom and clove scented candles in a glass jar with a lid, your gift smells nice for a long time.

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Decorate any home with lanterns

Lanterns, giving a soft candle light may be a wonderful accessory for your loved one’s home.

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The colorful pieces of decoration, cushions

Cushions with jacquard weave and raised relief complement all sofas and armchairs.

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The strongest but softest dinosaur

How about introducing your child to Triceratops in the new year? Children can hug their soft and new friend, sleep and go on an adventure together.

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Preparation for delicious meals

For practical and fast cooking in the kitchen, have cooking accessories at hand to make life easier.

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Vases as beautiful as flowers

Choose a vase for a gift so that the flowers can bring the fresh energy to their new home.

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