Make a show of it

Tonight is the night for feeling extravagant. Let the ingredients of the occasion look the part.

A night going out with a bang

Take a seat by the window and behold the fireworks across the sky. After all, they’re just as enjoyable at a distance. But be sure to keep treats and drinks as close as you can. (LED candles are safe to keep close as well.)

There’s no such thing as too much mood lighting

Deck out your home to match the moment. Use candles, lighting chains and lamps to make it a starry night, inside and out.

Waiting for a new beginning

Savour a good evening and let the year end on a high note. The next one: full of promise. Happy New Year!

“Many experience an absurd pressure to socialise or attend parties on New Year’s Eve. I want to show that it’s perfectly fine to celebrate on your own – and still make it a festive night.“

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