IKEA Ideas - Bring a holiday vibe to a city balcony

Fold and carry furniture

Summer is the season of spontaneity, no plans or lists, just doing what you feel on the spur of the moment. It’s a season to take advantage of the good things when they come – especially sunshine. So be at the ready with lightweight furniture and accessories you can pick up and carry to your outside space – and just as easily fold up and pack out of the way of the weather’s fickle temperament.

IKEA Ideas - Bring a holiday vibe to a city balcony

Outdoor kitchen

Upgrade your cook-outs by adding a cook-and-serve station outdoors. If space is limited, plan around a compact trolley that has room to BBQ up top, plus storage built-in for crockery and condiments, and handy hooks for tea towels and BBQ tools. Even better if it has wheels that mean you can move it around easily!

Potted garden

Container gardens are a space-smart way to bring nature to the heart of a small outdoor space. Include fragrant plants, grow herbs and, in the city, have a few big plants to screen your space and create privacy. For a roof terrace or balcony, invest in some lightweight pots that are designed to be durable but also less weighty to offset heavy soil.

IKEA Ideas - Bring a holiday vibe to a city balcony

Long-lasting crockery

Bring the carefree nature of picnicking to your outdoor entertaining at home. Guests will walk about with plates full of food and cups will get left in odd corners. Instead of worrying about breakages, or buying throwaway plates, get a set of durable plastic crockery – unbreakable, good-looking and reusable!

IKEA Ideas - Bring a holiday vibe to a city balcony

Fun lights

Why have lights in the sun? They create a mood. Use them in the same way you use lights indoors – group LED candles to create cosy corners to sit and chat, hang string lights to add sparkle, and cluster oversized lanterns for brighter and decorative lighting. For a smarter option, pick solar-powered lights like SOLVINDEN. They soak up energy through the day, then come alight as night falls.

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