Bright ideas for a spring living room.


Feel like refreshing your living room for the new season? See our top tips for making your living room spring to life!

IKEA Ideas - Bright ideas for a spring living room

IKEA Ideas - Bright ideas for a spring living room

1. Out with the winter:

Replace your wall frames with a little touch by framing posters of leaves and exotic birds. Mix up your sofa cushions with new seasonal hues that match spring blossoms, and bring a lighter texture to the sofa.

2. Change your view:

Move your sofa to get a new view, and switch your curtains to sheer ones that let in the light. For some lush impact, collect all your plants by the window and add some tropical plants in the mix. We painted the saucers of the plant pots to go with our spring color scheme.

IKEA Ideas - Bright ideas for a spring living room

3. Bring in rounded shapes:

This spring we’re seeing rounded shapes in everything. Let this trend shine through in rugs to footstools to vases and even lamps! Adding just a few round elements as an accent can soften a room.



4. Spring touch

Use vases and plates in the season’s colors to inject some life into your decorative displays. Why not add some flowers into the picture?

5. Create impact with color:

Spring can be an opportunity to make a more permanent update like swapping the doors of your storage. We went for a sophisticated blue front that creates impact far beyond the season.

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