IKEA Ideas - Better when we’re together

Set the mood

Dinner’s ready and your guests have arrived. Set the mood for a relaxed and informal meal. Mix and match your favourite plates and glasses, and add a beverage dispenser to free up room on the table. Add a few candles for extra cosiness.

The more, the merrier

Unexpected guests? No problem. There’s always room for more when we’re having a good time together. Pull over an extra stool, grab a few more plates, and let the good times roll.

Relax and enjoy

Keep it casual and serve food straight from the pot or roasting tin. It’s a homely and relaxed way to enjoy your meal and your guests’ company. Plus, it makes it even easier to grab seconds and thirds.

No need to leave the table

Need to turn on more lights? Not to worry. With smart lighting, you can adjust the lighting to the setting you want with a remote or an app on your smartphone.

Clever ways to save space

A towel stand is a great stand-in for extra shelving when you’re short on space. Just hang a few baskets and bags from it for must-have items like extra napkins, throws, or tableware.

Just add light

Want to add a little more light to a corner? Decorate your repurposed towel stand or shelf with a light chain. It looks great and suddenly it feels festive and bright.

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