Bedroom organisation, done kid style


Have a peek into your kids room (if you dare!). Chances are there’s a few things out, maybe even a lot of things, as part of a big project This room is set up for kids to build, craft and create. And to be able to put everything away (or on display!) when they’re done, too.

IKEA Ideas - Bedroom organisation, done kid style

Show and tell.

One of our big focuses was to make a room where kids could easily grab everything they needed. We liked the idea of making a workbench like space where kids could pull out all their project ingredients, build them up and then show them off too in their own way.

IKEA Ideas - Bedroom organisation, done kid style

Naturally pinnable.

Having a desk in this creative space is a given, but we like the idea of adding a cork wall that’s perfect for collecting all kinds of inspiration. And that space under the desk is the perfect spot for working on those top secret projects. Just attach a fabric curtain to the underside of the desk to block out prying eyes. This whole set up could be used for homework and schedules when school kicks off a bit more, too.

Red light / Green light

Of course sometimes there can be no interruptions. So we thought this could be a fun addition. Just cut out green and red paper and put them inside a frame lit up with LED lights to make a stop and go signal.

IKEA Ideas - Bedroom organisation, done kid style