Be ready for guests in a small space.


We think no space is too small for guests. Whether you’re inviting friends over for dinner or family unexpectedly shows up at your door, let them in! Check out these ways of planning and thinking in a small space, so there’s always room for a guest or two or ten.

Guests come with stuff, so give them a place to put it when they arrive. In small spaces, movable and multifunctional furniture are musts—like room dividers on wheels. Maybe they’re usually your kitchen storage, but they can certainly hold coats too. Roll them out of the way or use them to create a room-within-a-room feel.

Create a ‘sit down, stay awhile’ vibe by going with the flow. Think flexible furniture and seating. Use stools as side tables. Wheel over the ottoman/module seat (that’s got secret storage). Toss cushions on a soft rug. Take down foldable chairs hanging on the wall. Grab snacks and get comfy. The only thing planned is catching up.

IKEA Ideas - Be ready for guests in a small space.
IKEA Ideas - Be ready for guests in a small space.

Time to order takeaway? Move from the lounge and extend your dining area with a pop-up table. Roll up your rug and clear away furniture. Grab the table legs stored on the wall and the work top that’s against the wall as marble-like art. Put them by your daily dining table and add in chairs. Set a festive table with candles and straws from your ‘instant party’ storage box.

IKEA Ideas - Be ready for guests in a small space.

When it’s such a long and lovely night that people end up staying over, offer a good night’s sleep. Fold the sofa down into bed mode. Load it with bed linens and pillows bagged up and hung on your space-saving extra storage wall. Use your coffee table as guests’ bedside table.

IKEA Ideas - Be ready for guests in a small space.

Here’s the floor plan of this small space room that’s 13 square metres.

The kitchen is by the entrance and visually separated by the room dividers. The dining area is nearby, too. The loft bed claims the back wall and corner space with the sofa bed underneath. The walls around the bed are put to use for lots of storage.