Digest in peace

A table setting that combines natural materials and a subdued colour palette creates a calm, harmonious vibe and makes a perfect backdrop for your culinary creations.

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A transparent head-turner

When is water not just water? When it’s presented in a bottle or carafe on a beautifully set table, that’s when. And not only does it look great like this, somehow it seems to taste better too.

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More than just a chopping board

A chopping board like this is a hard-wearing kitchen companion, and because it’s made from fast-growing bamboo, it’s a more sustainable choice. It can also be used to serve, adding a warm, wooden touch to your table setting.

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Let your flowers shine

A simple clear glass vase brings out the best in cut flowers, no matter if they're singles or a bouquet. It won’t compete with the flowers or clash with your table setting.

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Set the tea towels free

Your tea towels work hard for you in the kitchen, so don’t you think they deserve to get dressed up and go out some time? With a bit of creative folding they can be a welcome addition to your festive table setting.

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Make your own placemats and runners

Add a personal touch to your table setting with your choice of metre fabric cut to size. Sober and subdued or bright and colourful, it’s up to you. And why not add a rustic touch by fraying the edges?

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