Awkward no more: sloped ceilings


When it comes to odd spaces in the home, it sometimes feels like our only options are to either struggle with them or just give up. But we don’t want to just use these spaces, we want to make the most of them. So what starts out as awkward can become undeniably charming, not to mention functional.

IKEA İyi Fikirler - Aile dostu bir antre planlayın.

The totally cozy bed

Look on the bright side: sloped ceilings create a really intimate feeling. Use it to your advantage and make a canopy for your bed. Fasten curtain wire to the wall and the ceiling, slightly wider than the width of the bed, and hang a dreamy textile. You’ll never want to leave.

The kids’ corner

You know who loves low ceilings? Kids. Suddenly everything is closer to their level. So use the space as a play corner where all of their toys can be stored at just the right height for them.

The creative space

Weird little spaces are perfect for a small desk to paint, write or get crafty at. Use the walls to build as much storage as you need. With adjustable units like ALGOT, you can build on a slant, at all different heights, and create the ultimate artist’s studio.