Move your morning into the light

Splashing water on your face to wake up is refreshing as it is – but why not add some well-being to it? Bring your morning kit and a provisional washbasin out on your balcony, and turn it into a bright, mindful ritual.

Let the energy spread

There’s no need to go inside just yet. Channel the sunlight into a light exercise in the fresh air. A seat cushion or two double perfectly as a yoga mat.

Breakfast on the sunny side

Eaten on a warm balcony, the simplest of morning meals – like tea and overnight oats – becomes something more. Served on a tray, you’ll add both stability and a room-service feel.

Workday morning, holiday mood

Naturally, you don’t need a balcony to enjoy your summer mornings. Slide your bed over to the window (if it’s not already there), open up and do your first tasks of the week on a sunlit sill. It’s enough to get any day off to a sparkling start.

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