IKEA Ideas - Adapting a small home as your family grows

Small home, big family

“In creating this seven-person family apartment, we were inspired by the trend of increasing urbanisation,” says Emilia. “Today, a lot of people choose or have to remain in the same home as their family grows. In terms of privacy, this presents two challenges: how to maximise quality time together at home and how each person can control where and how they disconnect and reflect.”

“The living room doubles as the parents’ bedroom. A comfortable sofabed with storage, a side table on wheels and cosy lighting makes switching from day to night mode easy.”

“Turning the hallway into a walk-through wardrobe with individual storage and colour-coded details takes the pressure off the bedrooms and bathrooms as spaces to get ready.”

“With an extendable dining table, the place for family mealtimes can transform into a workspace for the kids, or into a grown-up area for the parents to spend time together or with friends.”

Bunk buddies

“One of the bedrooms is shared between the three oldest children, with two of them sharing a bunk bed to make the most of the available space. Individual details like having different coloured zones and their own book storage and lights mean that each of them still has their own space to read, rest and dream,” says Emilia.

On-off teen zone

The oldest child needs time and space to herself away from her younger siblings – a curtain she can draw for privacy helps her to create a room within a room. Dimmable lights also allow her to control and change the mood.

Space for work and self-expression

As children grow older they need freedom to explore their independence and identity. A combined bedroom workspace and vanity table gives room to study for exams as well as self-expression.

IKEA Ideas - Adapting a small home as your family grows

A family bathroom made to share

In a busy family home, a single bathroom is always in high demand. A double sink makes it easier to share the space in the morning rush, while a mirrored cabinet and large storage drawers mean everyone has somewhere to keep their bathroom products and items while keeping the space uncluttered.

IKEA Ideas - Adapting a small home as your family grows

Space-saving storage

Wall-hung storage and accessories save valuable space in the bathroom and are easy to grab when needed. Plus, if mum or dad wants to unwind with a bath they can easily take things down to create a more relaxing environment.

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