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IKEA Ideas - A super structured bathroom morning routine
IKEA Ideas - A super structured bathroom morning routine

Make your mornings personal

A good way to guide sleepy eyes and shave seconds off your schedule is to have fixed, personalised bottles and jars. (Please note that the letters seen here aren’t IKEA products.)

Colour-coded for clarity

Give everyone in the household a specific colour or pattern. Besides the decorative effect, it makes it easier to keep towels separate.

“Bathroom time is an inevitable part of anyone’s day. Using it cleverly saves you – let alone a whole family – a ton of time.”

Everyone gets a box

Getting along in a limited space gets easier with a bit of mobility. Like boxes for everyone. You’ll have everything you need in one place, and it’s easy to bring along between the bathroom’s different stations.

The reward: an evening at the spa

Let your morning bathroom routine have a positive domino effect. Revolving-door efficiency at the start of your day gives you time to transform the same space in the evening. Turn off the lights, turn on some LED block candles, and dive into some serious self-pampering – head or feet first.

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