Create a comfortable lounge area by combining a SÖDERHAMN one-seat section with a chaise longue. Add a mix of comfy throws and soft cushions, and a couple of tables to put books and drinks on while you relax.

IKEA Ideas - A stylist’s living room.
IKEA Ideas - A stylist’s living room.
IKEA Ideas - A stylist’s living room.

“The sofa area is a calm oasis overlooking nature, and the big table is used for dining and working. It’s a creative and social spot where I can sit and gaze out of the window…“

Bring a touch of nature inside. Place two or three groups of greenery around the living room on different surfaces, such as this outdoor table which has a bit of an industrial feel. Gathering several potted plants together makes a natural centerpiece which you can enjoy from every angle.

A smaller space (this living room is only 29 square feet) can still cater for lots of different activities and needs. Pictures are hung and propped against neutral walls to form a graphic display. Therese pushed two MELLTORP tables together to create one long one. It’s a multi-purpose place for eating, working, a spot of me time or socialising. Just stack a few extra chairs close by for when you have guests.

“Collect memories and furniture that mean something to you. That way you create a sustainable space you can live in and enjoy for a long time, rather than worrying about how you ‘should’ decorate your home.“

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