Take a swing at the fresh air

Airing out bed linen and textiles has a way of making them feel like new. Collect them all, head out and hang them in the breeze. For extra merit, bring a carpet beater for exercise.

Give yourself an autumn bonus

To prolong the freshness, place a fragrant twig and an uplifting note with your duvets. It may be just the boost you need when it’s time to switch back to winter mode.

IKEA Ideas - A spring clean with long-lasting effect

A day made for maintenance

Since you’re already out, why not bring the whole wardrobe? Let the air do its magic before your clothing is tucked in for the summer. While you’re inspired, give your accessories some attention, too.

Fix your favourites

Retrieving warmer clothes from storage is often done right when it’s needed. That’s why this is perfect mending time. Sew back buttons, patch tears. When leaves start falling, you’ll hit the ground running.

“All storage can be helped by following two simple rules: knowing when your things are used next time, and making sure that they can be used right away. Then it becomes a joy to return to them – not a chore.”

IKEA Ideas - A spring clean with long-lasting effect

Store your clothes for future use

Breathable textile boxes work well for long-time storage of clothes.

Soon out of season, still accessible

For periods with transitional weather – the odd chilly morning, rainy seasons – don’t rush stowing your functional garments away. They may still go in boxes, but keep them close at hand for example, on the shelf of your open wardrobe.

Gifts to be opened at a later date

Special items deserve special attention. Small storage solutions and organisers will help to keep toys and heirlooms properly and build excitement and surprise over time. Let them lie in wait (and out of sight) for the right moment to be unboxed.

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