IKEA Ideas - A small space that works 24/7

Start with a smart position for your bed

“This is a room for people who live in a limited space, who want easy access to everything they love,” explains interior designer Frida Roos. Placing the bed in the middle of the room is key to this look as it frees up lots of space around it to put other furniture, like a desk, behind the headboard.

IKEA Ideas - A small space that works 24/7

Create an atmosphere

Your choice of materials and textiles can make even a small room feel light and airy. “Avoid a lot of patterns, and use soft shapes and materials such as rattan and natural textiles for a balanced feel,” recommends Frida. Also, arrange task, mood and general lighting according to how you use your space.

Make use of dead space

A bed frame with space for storage underneath provides easy access to things like pillows, towels, extra linen and seasonal clothes. Storage boxes with covers protect out-of-season belongings from dust while not in use.

“Don’t be afraid to place the bed in the middle of the room! You will free up a lot of space around it. You could even place a desk behind the headboard.”

Reveal and conceal

The role of open storage is to keep the items you love on display and the things you use often close at hand. But no matter how organised your wardrobe is, sometimes you’ll want your stuff out of sight. If wardrobe doors will stretch your budget too far or you don’t have the space to open them, then try hanging a curtain across your open storage instead.

Choose decorative storage

“You can create this look on a budget by storing away the clutter and organising small items in boxes and baskets,” advises Frida. As well as using the practical inserts and fittings for PAX to make the most of the hanging space in your wardrobe, you can add personality with pretty stationery boxes for smaller belongings.

Make your shelves work harder

If you don’t have room for a desk or dressing table, why not dedicate a shelf at the right height? A vanity mirror, pots and boxes for your make-up will create an instant beauty station.

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