Make space for time together.

An open-plan home was at the heart of Sarah and Gigi’s plan. The design makes it easy for the family to be together. "We got rid of all the internal walls," says Sarah, who designed the space. Furniture and colour are used to create zones. Soft grey is a neutral base for a picture wall, making a flexible focal point Sarah can update to change the overall feel of the space.

IKEA Ideas - Huzurlu yaşam ve yaratıcılık için bir yer

Cherish what you have.

"Of course I didn’t get everything right," says Sarah. "I’d like a different kitchen layout – but we put our love into it and each room bears the traces of our family, of precious everyday moments." Using storage jars in an open-plan space is a neat way of organising dried goods, as well as the mushrooms and nuts that they forage on walks in the countryside behind their house.

"We don’t have a television. Without the distraction, we interact better as a family. We read, play music, work, draw, eat and cook together."

"My tips for display? Play around. Choose a colour theme. Avoid clutter by using small drawers for the things you don’t want to see, like phone chargers and plug adaptors."

IKEA Ideas - Huzurlu yaşam ve yaratıcılık için bir yer

Use your walls.

"I read one book a week, and the girls race through books too," says Sarah. In a home that’s open plan and clutter free, a clever wall solution to store books is essential. High shelves with spot lighting in the stairwell turns otherwise wasted space into both a storage solution and art installation.

IKEA Ideas - Huzurlu yaşam ve yaratıcılık için bir yer

Sleep easy.

"For me, the key to feeling calm is good organisation, with only a few things on display," says Sarah of her bedroom. Clothes are hidden in customised storage in the alcove behind her bed, which is dressed in bedding made from feel-good, natural materials. Weekend mornings are spent relaxing here – "I love to lie in, lost in a book."

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