Encourage independence through play.

Make it easy for children to reach their favorite toys and tidy up afterwards with easily accessible storage solutions. "It’s good for Viggo to have a sense of ownership over his things and his room," says Helena. "He knows where to get his toys and books and he learns to look after them."

Create a bedtime reading corner.

A cosy bed with soft bedding in happy colours and favourite tales on display makes night-time a fun time. "Viggo’s room is quite large, so making the bed feel safe and secure was important," says Helena. "Having familiar books and toys close to hand is comforting for him – I love that many of them are favourites from my own childhood."

Feed hungry minds.

Surround children with fun opportunities for learning, like role-play toys and tools that teach them about life. "Viggo’s at an age where he has become more philosophical and curious about the world," says Helena. "We turn learning into a game, like looking for different countries on the globe."

IKEA Ideas - A kid’s room to inspire young imaginations

"For me, this house is like Pippi Longstocking’s – somewhere children are free to be curious and express themselves."

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