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A room to make their own

Creative play allows kids to tap into their imagination and a world beyond rules and obligation. Turn the wallspace around their desk into a stimulating and inspiring view for your aspiring artist by displaying their paintings and works in progress. ‘I wanted to design a space where kids can enjoy their own creations,’ says interior designer Ellen Vidstige.

Make space for creativity

Deep storage bins are great for keeping art supplies organised: markers, chalk, big sketch pads – everything needed to get creativity flowing. ‘I chose a mix of open and closed storage for this room, so there are places to tidy things away but also shelves and surfaces to display inspiration,’ says Ellen.

IKEA Ideas - A kid’s room to inspire creativity

"I used the bunk bed as a room divider to make a creative corner. If the room isn’t shared, the lower bunk makes a cosy hang out when you add cushions and throws like a sofa."

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