A hallway made for the kids


Ever tripped over a skateboard or followed a trail of small shoes down your hallway? Chances are if you’ve got kids your hallway can get a little cluttered sometimes. Luckily, the answer might be easier than you think.

IKEA Ideas - A hallway made for the kids
IKEA Ideas - A hallway made for the kids

Let’s face it, for being so small babies come with a ton of stuff. The diapers, the baby blankets, the pacifiers and of course the big giant pram. An easy answer could be just put everything together in the one spot, this set up uses storage that can be placed how you like so that everything’s easy to grab and leave, even when we’re a little stressed out.

Hallway full of sports stuff? One answer might be to “gamify” your storage. Bins make easy homes for balls and sports gear, and are easy for kids to score into. A couple of wall shelves for helmets and clothes and they’re all set.

Drawers are pretty much a catch all, they fit loads of stuff and are easy to organise. Plus if you load them up with kid’s smaller outdoor stuff right by the door, it’s easy for them to find on the way out and drop off on the way back in too.