A smart compact styling station

A simple wall-mounted shelf with drawers and a mirror above make a great, compact styling station, especially with lights like these. And to make things even smarter, the bench you’re sitting on maximises your space by doubling as a shoe rack.

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Good lighting goes a long way

Lights like these provide an even light that has long been appreciated in beauty salons and dressing rooms around the world. These have been updated with low-energy LED lamps that last up to 25,000 hours.

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Fast styling needs fast solutions

Small storage helps you get a quick overview of your makeup and styling options. Finding what you want without rummaging through clutter is generally a good way to make your morning routine less stressful.

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Endless storage possibilities

Combining open shelves and closed storage is a proven recipe for a good flow. Tailor the solution that suits you best – if it’s all from the same series, you get a matching look any way you set things up.

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