A dream room for a four-year-old


Helena (4) has a bedroom where she can sleep, play, have quiet alone time, be creative and dress herself. "We divided the space into connected activity areas," say parents Jerzy and Anna in Poland.
"It suits her, so she’s really happy."

IKEA Ideas - A dream room for a four-year-old

Make bedtime something to look forward to.

"Helena had a bigger bed before but she didn’t like sleeping in it – she wanted to feel more snug. So we changed it for this smaller one which she loves. Anna helped her decorate this corner, adding all her favourite toys and books. Now she sleeps much better."

IKEA Ideas - A dream room for a four-year-old

Encourage self-expression.

"Dressing herself and changing outfits several times a day is one of Helena’s favorite things to do; she quickly goes from princess to rock star! She likes to choose her clothes for school the night before, so we’ve created an area where she can easily do this herself, with everyday clothes in the lower drawers and hanging areas, and out-of-season clothes up high. It makes morning routines easier and more fun for all of us. The hanging baskets and mirror mean she can play around with different accessories – it’s lovely to see her exploring her identity."

IKEA Ideas - A dream room for a four-year-old

Make tidying up part of play with the right storage.

"Having enough storage was important to us. We’ve used a mix of DIY creations, like fixing fruit crates to the wall for her books, and new buys. The STUVA bench and white bags make it easy for her to tidy up after she’s finished playing, which she’s started doing herself."

IKEA Ideas - A dream room for a four-year-old
IKEA Ideas - A dream room for a four-year-old

Inspire young imaginations.

"Helena’s desk was originally in our room for Anna to use, but it didn’t work out as we’d planned. Helena needed somewhere to draw in her room, just like she does at the dining table, so it made sense to give her the desk. Having a space to be creative is important to her."

Feed hungry minds.

"Helena’s interested in food – at the moment she’s curious about spices, especially paprika. We like to encourage her interests and the play kitchen is part of that. At school, she’s taught everything in English instead of Polish. She doesn’t speak it yet, but she understands. Sometimes we leave little messages on her chalkboard wall – it’s fun to make learning into a game."

"In Helena’s room, she makes the rules. She loves spending time there, on her own or playing with her friends."

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