İki kişi için renkli ve sıcacık, küçük bir alan

Maximise space

Try placing a corner sofa-bed with built-in storage space in the middle of the room, leaving the walls free for different kinds of closed storage. It’s also easy to hide away pillows and quilts inside the footrest during the day.

Eat, create, play, then repeat

The advantage of living in a small space is that you are never far from each other. Think about the room in terms of different zones for various types of activities. An adjustable drop-leaf table can go from dinner table to hobby table where you can enjoy craft activities together or alone.

Play with bold colours

Children are often attracted to brightly-coloured clothes and toys, and one way to help them feel connected to their interior is to decorate using some of the colours they like. Too many colours in a small space can feel a little overwhelming, so stick to a few harmonious tones as a base and add colourful accessories.

Think creatively

“If you share a home, especially if you live in a one-room apartment, you can create the illusion of having rooms by dividing your space into different zones. Make use of odd spaces and features and create a customised solution with a little imagination!” Here different fabrics in shades of blue have been sewn together to blend in with the walls. Together they create a feeling of space and make the room appear bigger than it really is, as well as giving everyone a little privacy.

Display what you love and hide the rest

Personalise your space and protect the things you love by showing them off in a glass cabinet that can be locked.

İki kişi için renkli ve sıcacık, küçük bir alan

Go for stylish storage

Practicality is important in a small space, but look around for storage that’s stylish as well. Create a clutter-free, balanced look and add interest by using closed storage in a bold colour. This burgundy-hued chest of drawers also creates a nice contrast against the blue wall. (Keep children safe and avoid the risk of it tipping by securing all furniture taller than 75 cm to the wall).

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