A bedroom that makes way for creative play


Some kids are big on self-expression so why settle for a small table? Wall-mounted ledges and rails are a great way of storing art supplies like paint, glitter and patterned tape, and they make a colorful display that’s sure to inspire creativity. We’ve used a storage system for the big things, like paper, and the wall is treated with blackboard paint, so it doubles up as a place to draw on. By making most of the storage blend in, the eye is drawn to the art supplies, toys and artwork. It looks creative, not cluttered which is a work of art in any child’s bedroom!

IKEA Ideas - A bedroom that makes way for creative play

"Use walls and under the bed for storage space to free up the floor for creativity."


"When inspiration strikes, a roll of paper on the floor lets creative kids think big."

IKEA Ideas - A bedroom that makes way for creative play

Painting, cutting out, potato prints and beadwork. Creative kids like trying things out and they love seeing their work on the wall. Stuck up is good, framed is even better.

Try using frames of different sizes and cluster them together to make a strong impact. Get a wall template to create your personal collage or choose a shape (we went for an oval) to make it easier to organise the frames and don’t be afraid to fill it in with other little bits.

Creativity doesn’t stop at paper and pens. Find ways to include them in decorating their room. An ordinary window blind is simple to personalise using stencils, glitter and glue. Or you can do what we did here by simply cutting out shapes for the sun to stream through.