A balcony that’s fit for fall


Just because you have a small balcony doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. And just because it’s cooler outside doesn’t mean you should be cooped up inside. To show you what we mean, we asked interior designer Anna to give us her best tips for outfitting a balcony for autumn.

A balcony that’s fit for fall

Comfy coziness

Blankets, throws, sheepskin, cushions, windshields... Keep the chill away with tons of textiles.

A balcony that’s fit for fall

Lots of light

When the sun goes down set the mood with candles, lanterns and strings of lights. You’ll never want to go back indoors.

How to set the table by the book


You can swap out your warm weather plants for some that can hold up to the cold. And we don’t mean one or two. Take it all the way and max out the space with as much green as possible if that’s what you like.