A baby room made for growing up


The furniture that grows as your baby grows, becomes a part of their lives in years. Planning a baby room that grows along with your child can help you spend less time and money stressing over what’s next. Check out some tips like a transforming cribs, versatile storage and classic styles.

IKEA Ideas - A baby room made for growing up
IKEA Ideas - A baby room made for growing up

1. Rest easier.

Already designed and tested for strict safety regulations, this cot is made for change, too. It goes from a high-positioned mattress for newborns to a standing-friendly lower level. When getting in and out isn’t a problem, the side comes off. Later, it can be a solo sofa for story time.

IKEA Ideas - A baby room made for growing up

2. Keep necessities nearby.

TROFAST storage unit prevents you from a desperate hunt and saves time during late-night changings. Bins and baskets on the wall above the changing table are out of baby’s reach but easily within yours. Later, you can mount the storage at a child-friendly floor level for toys and fun!

IKEA Ideas - A baby room made for growing up
IKEA Ideas - A baby room made for growing up

3. Get comfortable.

An armchair works as a feeding and lullaby spot, so you can get baby back to bed. A side table for you is actually a children’s stool for later, made softer with a colorful cover. At first, the freestanding storage bag holds blankets for comfort. Later, it easily adapts to big-kid stuff.

4. Light the night.

Soft lights let you see what you need without forcing you and baby fully awake. Place the wall lamps where they’re most helpful and secure the cords. (We put them by the cot and armchair). Later, lamps by mirrors and a wardrobe help with getting dressed and trying on different personalities.

5. Choose classics

The little character is finally here, and you want the world to know. Make the room timeless with paint and textiles in colors and playful with patterns like dots and stripes. Later, add cushions and other pieces to match your child’s personality.