7 stylish ways to organize your dorm room


It’s finally come! Exams are over, you’ve got your acceptance in the mail and it’s time to start college. But just because you’re moving to your first dorm room doesn’t mean you have to leave your personality at home.

1. Collage time means study time, and while your first assignments might be tough, getting organized doesn’t need to be. Try combining wall storage above your desk for stationery, a desk organizer for papers and a cork board to easily find your schedule.

2. Books organised on bookshelves is a no brainer, but our style tip is to use your bookshelf for other things too. A combination of your favorite magazines neatly stacked, boxes for papers, as well as personal objects like say vacation memories, makes for a pretty stylish shelf display.

3. Nothing brings your personality to a blank dorm room like some of your favorite posters and prints up on the wall. Our tip to give more of stylish impact is to frame some of them up, as well as clip a few different sized prints together.

4. When you only have one bedside drawer for a lot of things it can turn into a junk drawer pretty quick. An easy organizer is to use compartments to keep everything easy to find. You could also stamp a bit of color on them by adding colored paper on the bottom.

5. If your college has private bathrooms, congratulations! For everyone else shared bathrooms means walking (and waiting) with all your toiletries. A couple of nice bags makes everything easy to carry.

6. If you are what you wear, why not show off some of your fashion? Open clothes racks are an easy (and budget friendly) way to organize your things and display a bit of style at the same time.

7. It's an unescapable fact that college life means doing the laundry from time to time too. One way to bring a bit of fun to the chore is to have a distinctive bag to carry everything in. Here’s how to make these ones!