IKEA Ideas - 5 unexpected uses for MOSSLANDA picture ledges

1. Bedside butler:

Make a mighty, minimalist nightstand. Secure one picture ledge “normally” as intended. Another one above in a mirror image caps it off, so you can protect things inside or display them on top. An LED lighting strip helps you see without being startled awake.

2. Kitty climber:

Turn your wall into a playground for your favorite feline(s). Attach different-sized picture ledges at various heights and distances. Make sturdy wooden boxes into nap spots. Line a ledge with rug pieces for scratching action. Use shelf brackets to dangle toys.

IKEA Ideas - 5 unexpected uses for MOSSLANDA picture ledges

3. Upright organizer:

Stand up and sort out long-handled sports equipment and other awkwardly tall objects. Turn picture ledges lengthwise and secure them vertically instead of horizontally. Attach knobs to the tops and bottoms. Then use rope or string to create “fences” across the knobs.

IKEA Ideas - 5 unexpected uses for MOSSLANDA picture ledges

4. Hallway hanger:

Clean up an entryway with an organized spot where you can hide clutter, too. Attach a long, upside-down picture ledge to the wall, so you create a shelf for post and pocket stuff. Add knobs or hooks. Behind the small edge, hang lightweight fabric on some wire.

5. Desk drawer:

Add storage wherever you want to any solid wood table with a flat belly. Secure two picture ledges on their sides with space in between for a SAMLA box. Slide in the boxes to rest on the edges.

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