An island dinner, no plane ticket required

A kitchen island offers extra workspace and storage space but it can also be a great place to eat. Dress it up with a runner and your favourite tableware and you’re good to go.

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Because everyone deserves breakfast in bed

The soft, bouncy qualities of a mattress make it comfortable to sleep on, but treacherous to eat on. A tray like this acts as a stable little table and even has space for your phone or tablet.

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Your waiter on wheels

A trolley loaded with food, cutlery and dinnerware lets you eat wherever you like without having to traipse back and forth to the kitchen.

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For when your arms aren’t resting

An armrest on a sofa is a useful thing, providing support for idle elbows. But at least some of the time, your arms are busy transporting food and drink to your face. An armrest tray will turn your sofa into a dining table and make life easier for your arms while they’re actually working.

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Dinner in the kids' room

The kids' room is a great place for a snack or meal, even for Mum and Dad, so why not let the littlies act the hosts? Setting the table with kid-friendly cutlery and tableware will make sure everyone enjoys their munchies.

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