5 DIY ways to work your walls


How do you use the wall space in your home? Gina, in Norway, showcases useful information, photographs and mementos she loves on her walls. Her displays add life, color and personality to her neutral interior. Here are Gina’s five favorite ideas.

“‘In the winter, I tone down the colours in my house – pictures included! At the moment my displays are full of browns, greys and deep purples. Come summer, I’ll brighten the colours again by mixing in some newer photos.”


IKEA IDEAS - 5 DIY ways to work your walls
IKEA IDEAS - 5 DIY ways to work your walls

Write memos on a hallway chalkboard.

Forever forgetting appointments? Make a mini chalkboard out of black card right beside the front door so you can spot important reminders before you leave home. A checkerboard is less dominant than a wall covered in blackboard paint and easier to change. And, if you often forget your warm winter wear, add a handy basket beneath it for your gloves and woolly hats!

Add signs for smiles.

If getting ready in the morning can be a struggle, use washi tape to put up feel-good quotes or postcards in your bedroom or bathroom. They’re easy to change when you get bored of them or discover a better one!

IKEA IDEAS - 5 DIY ways to work your walls
IKEA IDEAS - 5 DIY ways to work your walls

Make an inspiration corner.

When Gina finds a tasty recipe in a magazine, she tears it out and sticks it up on the wall in the kitchen, or pegs it up beneath her recipe book rail to encourage herself to try it out. "Having it on view means I won’t forget about it!’ says Gina. ‘And the pictures look so healthy, fresh and colourful – I think even cake must be good for you when it has fruit on top."

Create a memory wall.

Display boxes are a creative and easy way to collect and display meaningful pictures, postcards, drawings and ornaments. You could fill one with souvenirs and photos from your travels, or with sports memorabilia. Gina filled a deep picture frame with old photos of herself and her husband before they got married – ‘in one of them I’m only 19!’ – and added their wedding photos next to it on a picture ledge.

IKEA IDEAS - 5 DIY ways to work your walls

Start an Instagram wall on your stairway.

Picture walls add colour and personality to dull and difficult spaces like stairways. They’re also easy and fun to create, and a great way to make sure that photos taken on your phone aren’t forgotten in cyberspace. "Nils and I never usually print off our photos. If I didn’t have this gallery, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put up our holiday snaps or pictures with friends."