1. Use “secret” storage.

Focus on comfortable, customizable and multi-purpose furniture. This smart foot stool give the kids their own hidden storage space AND you get a tidy living room. Just open it to reveal their secret toy stash!

2. Encourage independence.

Make it easy for the kids to get their toys out and put them away afterwards all by themselves. Keep them in matching boxes with lids on the lower shelves of an open shelving unit. Just secure it to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener.

3. Play copycat.

By adding matching seating for kids and adults the little ones get to imitate grown-ups. Role play is great for developing their social skills. Who wouldn’t feel twenty years older sitting enjoying a cup of tea in a POANG chair?

4. Create on/off play zones.

Clean up and create an element of surprise in one! Turn a cabinet into a permanent doll’s house (any cabinet with two doors will work). When playtime is over, close the doors and all you’ll see is pure adult style.

5. Socialize stress-free.

Outsmart accidents by using a mix of washable sofa covers and easy-to-clean surfaces. Make a big, soft space to spread out and play on the dirt-resistant mat (don’t forget the anti-slip underlay). Just push the tablesaside and let the dominoes loose!

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