1. Stay warm.

Want to spend time outdoors even when the weather turns? Attach a canopy to the walls to protect against wind and rain. Cozy up with cushions and keep throws in a basket with handles that you can use to carry them back inside.

IKEA Ideas - 4 ways to extend summer on your balcony

2. Weatherproof your urban garden.

Outsmart Mother Nature by using plants that can withstand a bit of frost. Put them in durable pots — steel ones withstand corrosion and terracotta holds excess water. Keep bigger tubs on plant stands with castors so you can move them into the sun.

3. Get organised with smart storage.

Create a cozy reading spot in the late summer sun! Curl up under a soft throw and sink down on a couple of comfortable cushions on the bench. When you’re ready to go indoors, put them in a waterproof storage bag under the seat to keep them protected.

4. Dine under the moon and stars.

When the days get shorter, brighten up your dining area with lights. Hang LED bulbs over the table. Use a lantern so a candle stays lit even if it’s windy. Make your own deco too! Put a battery-operated light chain inside a glass vase for instant coziness.

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